Monthly Archives: August 2007

RSS or Atom

Thanks to dwlt’s assistance, my old 0.92 feed is redirected to a shiny new Atom feed, although there is of course an RSS feed available too. The question is, where should the old feed point by default: RSS or Atom?

There are lots of comparisons on the technical merits, and I’m leaning towards Atom</a>. Let me know if you have any problems.

The comments feed will be updated shortly, too.

Growing Tomatoes


Originally uploaded by martinlittle

My tomatoes are growing pretty well in the greenhouse, but the plants were going slightly yellow towards the bottom. Lukester said they needed some food, so I’ve got this. Here’s hoping they like it, and the 12 or so small tomatoes I have grow big and tasty.

Getting The Hang Of It

One of my big reasons for shifting to WordPress was to embrace the plethora of plugins and widgets out there, instead of having to roll my own. As you can see, I’ve been busy adding those links to the left and right. Let me know what you think.

The one part that is currently missing is the RSS and/or Atom feeds. I’m needing a hand with the mod_rewrite change, so if you’ve got any ideas please give me a shout.

New Blogging

OK, I’ve been planning to try out WordPress for some time, and I’ve finally managed to get everything in place. I know it looks terrible right now, but give me a few moments and I should have it sorted out…  All the old links should still work, and I’ll add a link once things are more stable.