New Blogging

OK, I’ve been planning to try out WordPress for some time, and I’ve finally managed to get everything in place. I know it looks terrible right now, but give me a few moments and I should have it sorted out…  All the old links should still work, and I’ll add a link once things are more stable.

2 thoughts on “New Blogging

  1. Andy

    no posts for a month and now the archives are gone. It was interesting reading your posts from the first few months you started waxing lyrical about ASDL and how it would change the face of the internet. How right you were! Anyway, now your loyal readers don’t have that to read – hopefully you get them back soon.

  2. Martin Post author

    Hey Andy, they are most definitely not gone, just not immediately viewable right now. Here’s a link to them all: .

    One of the reasons it has taken me so long to move across was that I was trying to migrate all the posts and comments. I could get the posts across, but getting the comments into a format that WP would accept proved too much of a challenge, so I’ve gone with some mod_rewrite madness to leave everything as it is and maintain the same permalink structure with this new WP installation.

    Once I find the template where the archive links are created, I’ll stick all of the above there. I’ve got no intention of losing it all! 😀

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