Growing Tomatoes


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My tomatoes are growing pretty well in the greenhouse, but the plants were going slightly yellow towards the bottom. Lukester said they needed some food, so I’ve got this. Here’s hoping they like it, and the 12 or so small tomatoes I have grow big and tasty.

3 thoughts on “Growing Tomatoes

  1. Laura Neulat

    Hello and Greetings from Paris,
    I was browsing the web looking for the right English names for some of the tomato varieties I find in my local Paris market (if you have time visit htpp:// ) and found your page.
    I’ve launched a cooking school/website and am always looking for recipes to be submitted by people with good ideas! May I invite you to submit your Potato Croutons Recipe?
    Thanks, Laura

  2. Martin Post author

    Sorry Ian, no idea on how to do that. I feel like Percy Thrower for getting a few tomatoes to appear at all.

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