Map Reading

It’s been a long, long time since I did any map reading, and I’ve managed to totally forget how to do it. Given my enjoyment of adventure racing and the key need for good navigation, it seemed like a good time for a refresher. Ordnance Survey have two useful downloads: basic map reading (PDF) and advanced map reading (PDF). Check them out if you need a refresher too.

5 thoughts on “Map Reading

  1. Brooner

    Hi Martin, if you want to get to grip with nav & map reading for AR you wouldn’t go far wrong in taking in some orienteering if you haven’t already. You’ll find it helps a lot with route planning, as well as the obvious help with any orienteering sections thrown into adventure races.

    Edinburgh is well placed for it with a few nice wee areas easily accessible to the city, and there are a couple of active clubs (Edinburgh Southern, , are running frequent coaching sessions at the moment).

    Hope you enjoyed London RR, and the nav wasn’t too tricky!

  2. Martin Post author

    Andy — thanks for the good wishes!

    Brooner — I’d looked at ESOC before, but it seemed tricky to work out how I could get involved. Anyway, looked at the site again and there’s weekly training on Wednesday evenings, so I’ll give that a shot. Thanks for the pointer.

    London RR was great fun, although it took us ages to go around the first orienteering section in Richmond Park (lack of energy as opposed to inability to read the map) and we were too late for the second section in Wimbledon. Were you marshalling/organising/photographing?

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