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Photos from Bangalore are now online.

I’ve also got some videos of the crazy traffic. They’re in 3gp format, so you will need something like Quicktime to view them. Each video is over 1MB, so give it a minute for downloading. Here’s the links: video 1, video 2 and video 3.

Published Photographer

Rich and I are now published-on-the-Web photographers, thanks to those nice people at Schmap. They contacted me asking if they could use a picture from Montpellier and two of the St Brides Center in Edinburgh.

Rich is on for Pete’s 30th birthday pictures at Igg’s. We’re both available for further photographic assignments, assuming the reward is right.

Out But Not Down

Despite being unable to find a TV channel and even the local Scottish pub not showing the game (or aware there was a game of such national importance on), I soldiered on and ‘watched’ the game via BBC web site updates and text messages from people back home.

By all accounts it was a pretty decent game with Scotland playing hard and not scared of taking on the world champions. The end result though, was a last minute defeat by a questionable foul, although given an earlier disallowed Italian goal, perhaps that was karma.

As so many have said, when the group was drawn, no-one would have thought that Scotland would have led the group for so long or still be in contention for going through in their last game. Good work to the team, and let’s hope we don’t have such a deadly group for the World Cup qualifiers.

In The Bag

Two good friends are kicking off their big venture next Thursday, 22nd November, opening their handbag and jewellery shop at 20 Thistle Street in Edinburgh tomorrow. Covet will sell designer handbags, but not the usual ones you find in Harvey Nichols or Sam Thomas; these are exclusive to Covet, personally selected by Blaise and Anna directly from the Italian designers. On the jewellery side, they have pieces from Caroline Holt, Amy McColl, Mie Miya and Tatty Devine.

If you’re looking for a nice Christmas present or just a cool and unique bag, then be sure to pop in and take a look.