Monthly Archives: April 2008

Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 Beta Tips

My Yahoo! Messenger use is heavy: I’ve got over 400 contacts and spend much of my day using it for work purposes.  The latest beta version is nice, but has some annoying changes from previous versions, making inefficient use of screen real estate.

There’s obviously been a lot of feedback as Yahoo! have posted how to get things back as they were before the beta.  Here’s how to fix the message format and how to fix the contacts list view.  Well done, Yahoo!.

TweetStats and FriendFeed

Thanks to Ewan for pointing out the fun that is TweetStats, which shows stats based on your Twitter username.  Here’s mine.

I’ve also signed up for FriendFeed, which is really what Facebook does for me — updates on status, pictures, blogs and links — without giving all my details to a company I don’t trust.  Time to drop from Facebook?