London Marathon Tracking

Over the years I’ve tried various tracking methods for the London Marathon, none of which have worked well.  This year, I’m going with some more resilient and proven technology.  I’ll probably sign up with the Adidas offering too, just to see if it works.

First, as I already have Google Latitude on my phone, I’ll be using that.  If you have Google Maps on your mobile, add and you’ll be able to see where I am on the route.  You can also track via the web in iGoogle.  All you need to do is sign up for a Google account and add me as a friend.

Secondly, as an avid user of Nokia Sports Tracker, I’m planning to live broadcast my route and running information (pace, time) as I go.  You’ll be able to see my route on my profile page on Sunday (26th April)  morning, after 9.30am BST.

2 thoughts on “London Marathon Tracking

  1. FvE

    for those who dont like being spellbound in nokia’s walled garden,… you can also use
    For an example of a live! parallel tripute with the Boston Marathon iPhone app developper runkeeper see:

    friends and fellow runners
    can follow you live! en route
    via there mobile and give you
    that extra boast

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