About Me
Last Updated Monday July 24 at 17:54 GMT

According to the 10 Rules of Blog, this needs to be done.

mohicanSo, my name is Martin Little. My favourite colo(u)r is bluish-grey, something close to #003366. I lived the first 17 years of my life in a wee village to the west of Glasgow called Bridge of Weir, then I went to Heriot-Watt University and received a BEng (hons) Information Systems Engineering (a joint degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science AKA maths).

The day after graduating, I got a summer job with a large mutual fund company tending to a Web site. The job grew and I was asked to stay, so I never made it to the big smoke of London.

Me in kiltI enjoy eating (a lot), music, playing with technology, visiting new places, meeting new people and other random pursuits of a varied nature. In 2005 I ran the London Marathon (in 4h 27m) and in 2006 I ran again, this time in 3h 44m. After taking part in the Edinburgh Rat Race I'm planning to try a few Adventure Races this year, although I am training for the Loch Ness Marathon in October, where I'm looking to do a fast time. A big part of that training is running with the City of Edinburgh Athletic Club, both on the road and cross-country.

If you see me in the bar and want to buy me a drink, I'll have either a Guinness or a Stella, unless it's towards the end of night, when I'll have a Makers, Rip Van Winkle or Woodford Reserve, preferrably old-style, or else with Coke.

Over the last few years, my interest in mobile technologies has piqued (there's more in the unwired section, with lots more to come ;-). As well as writing on this site, I contribute to Mobitopia, which has morphed from a group blog into a close community discussing tech and mobile on IRC as well as posting the freshest links to the site.

About My Site
Last Updated Tuesday May 27 at 11:18 GMT

As part of the learning process, I've concocted most of this site myself, primarily using PHP and MySQL. The manuals on both these sites (PHP & MySQL) are invaluable, with the user comments adding so much value.

The gallery section was the first serious piece of PHP code I wrote. One page can do so much. Auto thumbnailing and image resizing still need to be implemented, although this is in place for the latest gallery. The results are not quite up to scratch though.

The main part of my site is my blog. I wrote thinkthin when I got fed up with's limited features and inabaility to update my blog via email (essentially whilst I was away from a computer). My site is now updatable via a VERY simple XHTML interface that works as nicely on my P800 as via a Web browser. I can post to my blog, update my location information or alter pretty much anything, in fact. There is still a list of ideas to implement, but it is great having all the entries in a database and the flexibility to manipulate things as I wish (well, with my limited skills...).

The last thing I've really worked on was handling the automatic posting of photos to my site. This involves a procmail script, invoking a short shell script that uses mimeexplode and a PHP script to extract the image and accompanying description, then upload the photo to my site and add a new blog entry. Finally getting that working so long after I had the initial idea was such a great feeling!

If you'd like the code for either of these pieces, do let me know. I haven't provided downloadable files here due to the source being in near-continual flux. Yep, I am a hacker (but not a haX0r ;-).