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Ben Chonzie


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Last Friday, Elliot, Nicky and I decided to climb Ben Chonzie en route to Carmen’s 30th birthday weekend in Kenmore. The forecast said clear summits, light snow and little wind.

Thankfully, we all dressed for worse weather and had extra clothing with us, plus good map-reading skillz. The snow start not long after we left the car, and just got heavier. We only found the summit thanks to series of iron posts. When we got there, the wind picked up a lot and the temperature dropped.

As we were getting ready to descend, a guy appeared from the other side of the hill, practically shaking with fear from the ice sheet he’d had to cross to get to the top. We all agreed it was best if he came down with us and we drove him back to his own car.

It was a challenging climb, but good fun seeing as we were well prepared. The GPS track is here.

Full photo set here.

ACE Race and Rat Race Videos

Seeing as lots of people have asked, you can see the videos here.  They’re big, though.  The ACE Race is 162MB (that’s the one from Sky that I’m in), and the Edinburgh Rat Race is 357MB (you only see my back in that).  You’ll need Quicktime, [note: you only need Quicktime, not iTunes] or something else that plays MP4 files, to watch.

Hey Mum, I’m On TV!


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As I guessed, I made it on to TV, on both programmes. The Edinburgh Rat Race programme only features my rapidly disappearing back, however the ACE Race programme has a few interviews.

Big thanks to Simon for recording this for me! If you want to see it, let me know.

Update: Click here to see the videos online.