ML on TV

There is a chance I’ll be making not one, but two TV appearances this weekend.  Tonight at 8.30pm (and tomorrow morning at 5am) on Sky Sports Xtra the ACE Race at Grizedale is being shown.  Chris and I were interviewed a few times over that weekend, so I’m hopeful we’ll get on there in some shape or form.

Tomorrow, Saturday, the Edinburgh Rat Race from summer is being shown on Adrenalin Rush on Channel 4.  If you did the London Rat Race, then you want to watch Channel 4 at 8am on Sunday morning.

With any luck, and some help from Simon, I should have them both on DVD.  Let me know if you want to see me get muddy/wet/tired.  😉

Risky Business

Neil Morrissey, the guy from Men Behaving Badly, is back on our screens with his friend Richard Fox, in a programme following their attempts to open a pub and start a microbrewery: Neil Morrissey’s Risky Business.  This programme really should appeal to me — I like microbrewed beer, I like a real-world business challenge.

What has been a real eye-opener, and a huge turn-off to the whole series, is the attitude of the guys, particularly Neil.  Despite never having brewed before, they’re expecting their first attempt to be magic and to be an instant hit accross the country, based on their names more than the flavour.  Neil also comes across as incredibly arrogant, whether dealing with planning departments or potential customers.

There’s more information on them here (they’re master brewers already, it seems).  I’ll be sure never to buy their beer if I see it.

On the good side of television, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s Autumn is interesting as ever.  Last week they foraged for an entire meal, with some weird and wonderful ingredients literally thrown into the pot.

Traquair XC


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Yesterday I had a nice ride around the Traquair XC route at Innerleithen. It’s a great track (red run with black sections, 19km long) with plenty of up and exciting downhill. There were some rollercoaster sections, where the up-and-down must have been 15 feet.

Once you’re out there, the route choice is limited, which means it was a lot quieter than Glentress. I’ll defintiely be back there.

There’s more pictures over here.

Outer Hebrides


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My parents went to the Outer Hebrides way back at the start of the year and got some incredible photos.

As the nights draw in, it’s lovely to take a look and remember what sunshine looks like and how great the scenery in Scotland can be. Here’s the full set.

Like A World Record?

My t-shirt has a picture of a vinyl record on it.  It was an amusing discussion with my seven year old Godson and his little brother trying to tell them what a record actually is; “like a world record?” was their only reply…  Their dad finally came up with “like a big CD made from black plastic”.  We left it at that, and went back to playing Mario Kart.  Kids, eh.  😉

‘Stranded Runners’

Thank you to everyone who has contacted me to ask if I’m safe: I’m not running the Original Mountain Marathon this weekend, and am at home in Edinburgh (it’s Hazel’s birthday, otherwise…).  The competitors are hardy souls, with a full shelter (tent, sleeping bag) and food (stove, supplies) on their backs, in addition to many years on hills and mountains.  I’m sending my very best thoughts to everyone down there, and watching SleepMonsters for the latest information.