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Friday November 30 2001 at 12:31 GMT

Word to Luke Donnelly for this humourous piece on the 14 remaing Netscape users in the world.

Monday November 26 2001 at 13:40 GMT

From Russia ... with sex? The latest in the Big Brother-esque incarnations, the Russian version certainly seems to be picking up quite some publicity! Check out this BBC article to see what's going on.

Monday November 26 2001 at 00:31 GMT

Some of my friends question the amount of time I spend surfing. Finally, I have a something good as evidence that surfing makes me a better person - here. :-))))))))))))

Monday November 26 2001 at 00:26 GMT

Man, I can't believe that it is almost a week since I updated my blog... In summary, here is what my week involved - lots of work.

Friday and the weekend were good though. I met up with Julie, a friend from Uni days, on Friday. Strange seeing someone only after four years, but it was good fun. Then on Friday night, the same experience was repeated over, when we all met at the Hogshead. Some people have changed a lot, others are just the same.

After James came round and stole all my Stella first thing on Saturday morning, I had a pretty quiet day. After one of the best pizzas I've ever had from Pizza Hut, I met up with John McDowall and we went to see Harry Potter. Unfortunately, I was quite disappointed with the whole thing - in fact, in the last 30 minutes, I was pretty much thinking about what I was going to do once I got out of there... We had some good tech chat too, which is always good. John pointed out the cool eDonkey2000 (Harness the Power of 2000 Electronic Donkeys!) site.

Sunday, I had a good lunch with James at The Kings Wark, then kind of chilled out, for the rest of the day...

Monday November 19 2001 at 00:54 GMT

A new find on the Web ... check out the Stella cam. This is quite crazy. Now I will need to go to the closest bar to me (EH1) and see what this is all about. Will be interesting to see what they say about the potential invasion of personal freedom...

Sunday November 18 2001 at 20:54 GMT

OK, I did find this site via this site, but I still like the question being asked - 'What are you living for?'. Answers by mail ... ml (at) .

Sunday November 18 2001 at 05:06 GMT

Some cool product news: Nokia have announced some cool new phones, the best of which is the 7650. This article has some nice photos. The other cool product that must get mentioned is the Senseboard Virtual Keyboard - you type with no keyboard. Follow the link to see just how cool it is!

Sunday November 18 2001 at 04:54 GMT

Friday night ... was full of strange cocktails, and some bizarre 80s costumes. Quite fun. :-)

Saturday night, involved catching up with Polly and John, and their baby Robert, and then Terminator 2 at Jams and Rich's flat, on a HUGE projection screen - 150" diagonal measurement! Click here to see how massive it really is. The boys then helped me work out what was up with my parents computer (a knackered CD drive was the culprit) and then I got busy putting Windows XP on there. I have to admit that I do quite like the new look and feel, although it is very cheeky of Micro$oft to put the recycle bin in the bottom right hand corner (although they are trying to appeal to Mac fans, I guess!).

Friday November 16 2001 at 12:05 GMT

I should say that I was very well fed at home, though, and that counts extremely highly in my book! :-)

Friday November 16 2001 at 12:05 GMT

Computers = pain. They also equal time machines - ask yourself the question 'how much time HAVE I spent this month installing software?'. Last night was no exception to this rule. My parents have a pretty old machine, which does them OK for picking up mail, surfing the Web and IM - until it just stopped. So, I persuaded them to get a new machine - new in that it is a PII 266, but it was a good deal. I went home to set everything up last night, only to find that ... the old computer worked as soon as I moved it to my work area, and the new computer did NOT want to work, no matter how nicely I asked or told it!

Result: the old machine is at home, my parents are happy as they can now mail my bro in Australia, and I carted the new machine back to Edinburgh. These things are *not* light to carry!

Roll on thin clients!!!

Thursday November 15 2001 at 01:07 GMT

In case you missed it, this week is Random Acts of Kindness week. Send someone a card here.

Thursday November 15 2001 at 01:03 GMT

Right now, Travis are playing on the TV - I would encourage you all to check them out (listen | purchase), if you don't know them already. They are just so good to listen to...

Thursday November 15 2001 at 00:59 GMT

Yesterday (Wednesday 14th November) was Diwali, which is 'an important Hindu festival associated with Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity'. My colleague Anurag Shukla kindly asked me to join him and some of his friends in celebrating this. I got there WAY too late due to some work-stuff, and so missed all the fireworks (AAAARRRGGGHHHH - I *love* fireworks; but I ***love*** firewerks :->) but, luckily, I did NOT miss the yummy food (all vegetarian) and neither did I miss seeing Monty (CRAZY Indian) as well as a bunch of Anurag/Monty's friends, who were all cool. Some crazy dancing with two sticks and big lines of people followed the food, and then some Bangra music to round the night off - all in all quite excellent fun!

Tuesday November 13 2001 at 02:02 GMT

And since I've been thinking of my old music habits ... I need to mention the Smashing Pumpkins and Pavement - very unfortunately both bands that are no more, but their music lives on!

Monday November 12 2001 at 19:42 GMT

R.E.M. used to be my favourite band in the world EVER, and they still rate pretty high up there. This story, torn from the pages of Yahoo! News just makes me love them even more...

Drunken rock star assaulted aircraft crew, court told

REM star Peter Buck turned into a "paralytic Mr Hyde" and assaulted British Airways cabin staff after downing 15 glasses of wine on a transatlantic flight, a court has heard.
The 44-year-old guitarist's allegedly appalling behaviour saw him repeatedly reeling along the aisles.

At Isleworth Crown Court in London Buck denies being drunk on an aircraft, common assault and damaging BA crockery.

The court heard he became stuck between two seats before he was pulled free, while he also managed to cover himself and the cabin services manager with a tub full of sticky yoghurt.

When the captain finally presented him with a "yellow card" and warned him the Seattle to Heathrow flight might be diverted, he promptly tore it up.

Edward Lewis, prosecuting, said Buck mistook the hostess trolley for a CD player as he drunkenly tried to insert a disc into it and also overturned the trolley, sending a pile of crockery, honey, cereals and milk flying across the floor.

When he was once more asked to sit down, the musician allegedly announced: "I am REM and I can make up a story that I was assaulted."

Finally, said Mr Lewis, members of his entourage managed to calm him down and "to everyone's relief he fell asleep".

Describing the rock star as "paralytic" during the flight, Mr Lewis said: "He became the transmogrification of Dr Jekyll into Mr Hyde."

Buck denies being drunk on an aircraft last April, two counts of common assault involving cabin services manager Mario Agius and stewardess Holly Ward, and one charge of damaging British Airways crockery. The case continues.

Monday November 12 2001 at 15:49 GMT

New headphones today, since my last pair must have gotten lost in one of the 143,886,290 baggage searches I went through during my North American mini-tour. They are not that cool, but they are letting me hear some good sounds. I am happy!

Monday November 12 2001 at 15:05 GMT

Literally, some old school news - the Wayback Machine lets you surf the Internet as it was, back when the background colo(u)r WAS grey.

Sunday November 11 2001 at 19:13 GMT

I've been back for a while now - work has improved, the weather has gone WAY downhill...

Almost by accident, I'm doing a UML night-school course back at Heriot-Watt University where I took my original degree. It has been fun to think academically, for a change, and take some of the focus away from work...!

Thanks to a very rainy day when I was in Montreal, I have fallen in love with XML, or to be more precise what XSLT can do in asociation with XML. I've been working through the O'Reilly book and am so impressed with what can be done. My aim ... is to set up a site for reading in both (X)HTML and WML. was my original thought, but the content on there is not really of any use on the move. Ideas *ARE* forming though!

Sunday November 11 2001 at 19:00 GMT

AGAIN - I have just lost a big post. I really must learn to copy and paste in here from notepad or something. x-(

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