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Friday December 21 2001 at 16:53 GMT

The site came from Tom Finlay, who has a site entitled 'Hunt the Bush'...

Friday December 21 2001 at 16:51 GMT

I've worked with enough Germans to know that they are pretty crazy, and now I've found a site to confirm my suspicions - I'm not going to bother attempting to describe what it is all about, just take a look!

Friday December 21 2001 at 16:47 GMT

Another night eating out! Last night was meant to be Lord of the Rings, but due to some technical difficulties (like me not realising it might just be a *little* bit busy, and not booking tickets until the last minute), plans had to change. Rogue is one of my favourite places to go - they always have a good menu, a good wine list and excellent service.

After dinner, there is the cocktail bar, which is always stocked with a well qualified barman, able to shake up the tastiest cocktails. Needless to say, it was a good night.

Thursday December 20 2001 at 14:03 GMT

Senor Rich has been working hard on his Techie's Night Out site. This really is the way to organise your night out! :-))

Thursday December 20 2001 at 13:08 GMT

Yesterday was our Christmas lunch, at A Room in the West End. Thanks to some good work by Sarah, we had a mighty supply of wine, that managed to last us for the entire meal and then some. The food was pretty good, but it was cool to get together as a big group - something we have not done in quite a while.

After that, we staggered all the way upstairs to Teuchters, where we had a few beers and chatted some more. All in all, a good afternoon & evening!

Wednesday December 19 2001 at 03:00 GMT

In the space of one night, I have become ABSOLUTELY hooked on ADSL! I was talking to my brother about it, and I do now consider it just to be like any of the other utilities - gas, water, electricity. Once the cost drops, and more people can come on, assuming that the infrastructure can properly support everyone, then things WILL become crazy.

SomaFM has been playing for a lot of the night, and I have managed to get Apache running (here) with edna powering some MP3s. It seemed to fall asleep today, so I've set all the power-down's to big numbers, and will see what happens tomorrow.

Wednesday December 19 2001 at 02:52 GMT

Well ... it DID happen; I am now a fully fledged member of the bandwidth generation! The engineer from BT came at 11.07, whacked the new master socket that says 'ADSL' on it, asked where I wanted the second socket, made light work of some tidy cablework, and ran the infamous whoosh test. Apparently, the phone exchange is in the next street, so the impedence on the line was only 4dB - ADSL can handle up to 59dB. I'm using ZenADSL, and so far I would recommend them.

The engineer then ran through a very quick demo, and left me with the install CD and the modem. In all, it took at least three minutes to get on the Internet, at a most pleasing 576kbs.

The ADSL modem itself is a really strange looking object - it is called a 'Stingray', and it's not hard to see why:

So long as it powers me along the Information Superhighway, I really don't mind though - it's hidden behind my sofa!

Tuesday December 18 2001 at 02:09 GMT

ADSL ... come to me! Eight hours and 20minutes to go...

Monday December 17 2001 at 12:59 GMT

In less than 24hours, I should have my ADSL connection installed. Last night I could hardly sleep. Tonight, I will have a few beers!

My plans for what I will do with my connection have started off quite small, but seem to be growing scarily fast. Originally, I was going to run a small (read: cheap) server, to throw out a few Web and WAP pages. Then I found edna ... and my mind started ticking. I have almost 6GBs of MP3s already, and the thought of being able to sit in the office and have access to them all, makes me smile (99% of them are my own CDs, painstaking ripped by me). I also kind of need a DVD player, as I have no video or DVD at the moment. The opportunity to pop a DVD in the box, and watch it on TV seems just too good to miss. Then there are all the other opportunities that would open up ... and next thing, whatdya know, I need a mighty machine (read: expensive).

Time to take some tough decisions! I've always rejected having a PC due to their size and ugliness (which is why I have only a lovely IBM T20 Thinkpad); but I just cannot afford to do this with a laptop and it looks much cheaper and easier to upgrade a desktop. Your thoughts? MAIL ME - ohWhatToDo (at)

Monday December 17 2001 at 12:33 GMT

Last night I really wanted to update this ... and Blogger was down! Huh! Anyway, last night was Christmas cards (real paper ones) and sorting out some presents on the Web. I am now praying on an hourly basis to the God of Parcel Delivery that the goods arrive, especially since they are for my brother in Oz. If they make it, then I can feel another 'Web is Wonderful' moment coming on.

Some pictures that have been lying in my inbox and hard disk have also finally made it to the site, in the gallery section - they are all from trips to America and Canada. Feels good to have them up, after so long.

Wednesday December 12 2001 at 09:53 GMT

The entire weekend was a LOT of fun, seeing loads of cousins. The meal on Friday was very tasty in the hotel, and we had drinks afterwards that went on ... for a while! On Saturday, the wedding itself went smoothly, and the party afterwards went on nicely into the wee hours.

Sunday started slowly, but I made it up to Purley, and stayed with Deek in his super-cool new house (just a 13 minute train ride from Gatwick!). I met up with Sophika to attempt to go and see the Turner Prize at the Tate, but it was all for guests only... We did manage to have a beer in a local pub, though, and did some catching up.

On Monday morning, the train was late, and thus I almost missed my flight - turning into the story of my life!

Last night, I caught up with John, and we had a few games of pool at Diane's and enjoyed a few Red Stripes.

Most of the pictures from David's wedding are now up, and most people seem to be reasonably pleased with them! I've decided that I *really* need a digi camera now!

Saturday December 8 2001 at 22:02 GMT

It's been a good weekend. Currently in Kent(?) at my cousin's wedding. Some digi pics online in the gallery.

Thursday December 6 2001 at 16:14 GMT

Added some new pictures today, from my Californian trip in September - lakeTahoe01.

Wednesday December 5 2001 at 11:30 GMT

If you can see this, then the DNS for my site has successfully moved. :-D

Wednesday December 5 2001 at 01:01 GMT

As part of the Orange GPRS trial, they attempted to inflict a Motorola Ti260 on me, but I fought them back, and bought a quite lovely Ericsson T39. It is now approaching the end of the trial, and once again they are trying to inflict another Motorola on me. I now have the option of taking a Ti280, a v66 or else taking a 100 pound voucher that I can spend in an Orange shop on another GPRS handset. The liklihood of Orange getting round to actually releasing another GPRS handset before March 2002, when this voucher expires, though, is pretty low I think. Tricky decisions to be made...

The Ericsson synchronisation software is just *SO* good. It chats away with my Outlook so nicely, and then kindly reminds me when I am meant to be in a meeting, and am still in bed. When I tried the Motorola (Starfish) sync software, not only did I have to install every other piece of software using the IR port (a lot of things...) but it then fought with itself when I tried to dial out using the Motorola GPRS Wizard...

Decisions, decisions, decisions...

Tuesday December 4 2001 at 14:16 GMT

The latest Internet craze? I Can Smell Your Brains Credit to John McDowall for forwarding it on!

Monday December 3 2001 at 13:52 GMT

Finally, some more real details on Ginger/IT. This well-written Time magazine piece covers the product nicely.

Sunday December 2 2001 at 12:29 GMT

Good surfing tunes - .

Sunday December 2 2001 at 12:28 GMT

HUGE thanks are due to my parents for their help in redecorating my bathroom. It is ALMOST finished, and then I may even finally get round to organising some new flat pictures.

Sunday December 2 2001 at 12:26 GMT

Another week has zoomed by SO fast ... and now it is December, and time to eat little chocolates from advent calendars. If your mom has not sent you an advent calendar of your own, then you can have fun here and learn what's going on too!

During the week I went to the Cameo cinema (it's been a long time) and saw the latest Coen brothers film, The Man Who Was Not There. As I find all Coen brothers films, it was interesting and thought provoking ... and strange. I would recommend seeing it though!

My UML course finished this week too, and I got a certificate verifying that I ... had been to all five classes. Further reading is still required before I can use this is anger, methinks.

After six or 12 months or procrastination, I finally signed on the dotted line for ADSL. I read a load of reviews in uk.telecom.broadband, did a lot of SP comparisons on and have gone with a company called Zen. Oh yeah, I also liked the name the best. :-) The downsides are ... the cost, and that they are not doing any more home installs until they upgrade their main Inet interconnects from 34Mbps to 155Mbps. Patience is something I can often lack, especially if it has taken me so long to decide what to do! I've been told that it will be all sorted before the end of the year - watch this space!

After months and months of flawless service, DSVR, where I host this site and handle my mail, had some nasty problems, leaving me lost in cyberspace, with mail getting bounced. I decided the time had come to actually pay for my hosting, but the next option DSVR have is 300 pounds / year. After some research (thanks, Grant) I have discovered, so started to move my site there, only to find I am snarled up in some account management issues at Network Solutions. Ah dear!

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