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Tuesday May 28 2002 at 19:11 GMT

I've finally got some pictures from Neil & Ker's wedding up. Apologies for the brief narrative, but I've been busy. I would also like to point out that I was there, although it seems I managed to almost completely avoid having my picture taken.

Tuesday May 28 2002 at 18:46 GMT

My boss just got back from Iran (yes, really). Check out some of his incredible pictures.

Tuesday May 28 2002 at 18:42 GMT

My site is now running on PHP. If you find any problems, please let me know at the usual address.

Monday May 27 2002 at 20:43 GMT

Eat Chinese food? This will make you think twice.

Monday May 27 2002 at 15:47 GMT

Yeah - people are fighting back against the 9.99 charge to watch Big Brother III online. Sign this petition:

Monday May 27 2002 at 13:15 GMT

My fame is increasing! If you go to Google and do a search for Martin Little, I am the first match! Woo hoo!

Monday May 27 2002 at 13:11 GMT

My weekend was fun-filled, again! After a LONG week, I decided to stay in on Friday night (ahead of Saturday's events). I helped my dad with some Internet/computer things and generally relaxed. Big Brother III has started and I caught the end of everyone getting into the new house. Viewing it online now requires a GBP 9.99 subscription, which I am not that impressed with. Upon signing up for research purposes, I discovered that the feed, whilst being of good quality, is tiny. Since I got ADSL, my expectations of a site offering a high quality feed aimed at ADSL/cable users has increased, and they are not delivering!

Saturday is another story: Neil & Ker's wedding. Pictures are being assembed at present and will be on here ASAP.

On Sunday I popped down to see John and Robbie. Finally, I have some pictures of my gorgeous Godson online - even one involving alcohol!

Thursday May 23 2002 at 02:21 GMT

1485 songs in 4.5days is not bad going, considering it is coming from my house! Here is the final edna log (sorry about the huge spaces - it's a blog thang):

edna: Site Statistics

edna: Site Statistics

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 May 23 02:02:03 AM /Eminem/The%20Eminem%20Show/06-eminem-the_kiss_%28skit%29-rns.mp3 May 23 01:57:33 AM /Eminem/The%20Eminem%20Show/05-eminem-square_dance-rns.mp3 May 23 01:57:27 AM /Eminem/The%20Eminem%20Show/05-eminem-square_dance-rns.mp3 May 23 01:53:25 AM /Eminem/The%20Eminem%20Show/04-eminem-cleanin_out_my_closet-rns.mp3 May 23 01:53:18 AM /Eminem/The%20Eminem%20Show/04-eminem-cleanin_out_my_closet-rns.mp3 May 23 01:49:43 AM /Eminem/The%20Eminem%20Show/03-eminem-business-rns.mp3 May 23 01:49:34 AM /Eminem/The%20Eminem%20Show/03-eminem-business-rns.mp3 May 23 01:43:54 AM /Eminem/The%20Eminem%20Show/03-eminem-business-rns.mp3 May 23 01:43:50 AM /Eminem/The%20Eminem%20Show/03-eminem-business-rns.mp3 May 23 01:42:07 AM /Eminem/The%20Eminem%20Show/03-eminem-business-rns.mp3 May 23 01:41:52 AM /Eminem/The%20Eminem%20Show/03-eminem-business-rns.mp3 May 23 01:41:21 AM /Eminem/The%20Eminem%20Show/02-eminem-white_america-rns.mp3 May 23 01:41:18 AM /Eminem/The%20Eminem%20Show/02-eminem-white_america-rns.mp3 May 23 01:40:52 AM /Eminem/The%20Eminem%20Show/17-eminem-say_what_you_say-rns.mp3 May 23 01:40:48 AM /Eminem/The%20Eminem%20Show/17-eminem-say_what_you_say-rns.mp3 May 23 01:40:35 AM /Eminem/The%20Eminem%20Show/01-eminem-curtains_up_%28skit%29-rns.mp3 May 23 01:40:30 AM /Eminem/The%20Eminem%20Show/18-eminem-till_i_collapse-rns.mp3 May 23 01:40:23 AM /Eminem/The%20Eminem%20Show/18-eminem-till_i_collapse-rns.mp3 May 23 01:40:14 AM /Eminem/The%20Eminem%20Show/01-eminem-curtains_up_%28skit%29-rns.mp3 May 23 01:39:20 AM /Eminem/The%20Eminem%20Show/20-eminem-curtains_close-rns.mp3

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Thursday May 23 2002 at 00:28 GMT

This picture is closer to the colouring of my kilt - it is dark maroon on a black background with white piping. In my search for the tartan, I've just discovered some Canadian namesakes. Not sure quite how weird it would be to go to a Clan get-togethe though!

Thursday May 23 2002 at 00:23 GMT

After years of consdering buying, but just spending my money on renting, I have finally bought a kilt! A *lot* of hard-earned cash has been laid down, but, at 50 pounds a throw to rent, it should not actually take me too long to recoup (in effect) the cost. Allan and visited a selection of shops on the Royal Mile on Monday lunchtime to get an idea of costs. I was fairly settled on getting the same kilt package as Allan (picture) in Anderson tartan after discounting Little tartan as too red. However, as we wandered into this shop in Paisley Close (I was born in Paisley) and casually asked if he was even able to get the tartan, he pointed to a roll on a shelf above our heads! They had recently made kilts for an American pipe band using the tartan, and just so happened to have enough left for me!

Monday night was spent swithering which tartan to go for (again), but on Tuesday I decided that it would be Little! That lunchtime was spent in the shop, having fun poked at me for being too thin. I had to try on about 10-12 kilts before they could find one anywhere near my size. Paying for it also disolved into a farce, with Morgan Stanley having to be called (due to the amount!) and them calling me, whilst standing in the shop, beside the guy on the phone to Morgan Stanley... For Neil Stark's wedding on Saturday I have borrowed a Baird tartan kilt, which is OK. My kilt shall be ready in 6-8 weeks. I think this will be the first time a garment has been made just for me, all me! Excited, oh yes.

Now off to read that book...

Wednesday May 22 2002 at 23:55 GMT

Can't remember where I found this site, but it is worth a visit (just to check you're not on there ;-) -

Wednesday May 22 2002 at 23:38 GMT

I am not entirely sure what has happened, but the downloads from my home server have gone INSANE today. Checking the logs shows that pretty much ALL DAY my connection has been running flat out at 30k+ transfer. Victim of my own success... I've left the edna and netjuke servers running, but this is kind of making my ADSL connection suck.

Anyway, I'm thinking that edna may be laid to rest, so that I can more carefully monitor what people are listening to. I will be sad to see her go. Time moves on.

Tomorrow I'm on a course all about the mutual fund industry in which I work. I've got to read a bunch of this book. Joy. ;-)

Monday May 20 2002 at 21:35 GMT

Finally got that posted - now I can leave work! It's been a strange day - all I have done is un-install and re-install a piece of software, as well as speak to people @ tech support (weird, huh?).

My Bro has finally got his blog rolling - hopefully for good now!

Monday May 20 2002 at 12:24 GMT

My weekend was FUN! On Friday, (Iain) Nicol arrived, and we kicked off with a few early beers. We started at 2pm and completed our Tour of Many Bars at about 2am. We had a lot to catch up on, including a visit to Fopp, our favourite rekkid store.

Saturday morning started early (WAY too early for my liking). 11 of us headed out to Skirmish for the start of Dave Smith's stag day (Nicol is best man and I was there after offering to provide accomodation :). It was a lot of fun, and the yellow team, of which I was a member, successfully won four games out of four and I was part of the final few left standing at the end of every game. My patient hiding and then striking paid off!

In the evening, we headed off for food at The Khukuri - a mighty fine Nepalese restaurant. After that it was on for a few beers at the Hogshead, a venue of questionable intent and finally on to Revolution after a KB from the doormen at Gaia because ... uh ... because more than 56.397% of our group had dark hair, no glasses but sideburns longer than 1.2". Rev (as the kids call it) is a pretty divey place, but, as we found out, there is a limit as to where a group of guys can go at 12.30 on a Saturday night. You can read some 'informational reviews' here.

Sunday morning began early AGAIN as Nicol had a train to catch. We enjoyed(?) our early morning sauage and egg McMuffins in the gardens, then I took an invigorating walk home in the sunshine!

I've managed to pick up a cold over the weekend, so Sunday was spent blowing my nose and drinking orange juice with my brother. I also finally found a good MP3 ripper, so I grabbed the stuff I just bought and got ripping. CDex has totally rocked thus far and I am finally able to create high quality MP3s. After some thought, I've just gone for 192kbps as I want others to be able to listen. 256kbps, whilst sounding better, just increases the filesize too much.

All of my Friday purchases were 'random':
Gonzales:Presidential Suite - a kind of weird hip-hop, opera singing, jazz type deal. Pretty cool. LISTEN
Koop:Waltz For Koop - I think they might be Finnish or something. Mellow jazz-ish influences. A relaxing album. LISTEN
Aphex Twin:Druqks - I've not actually had a chance to listen to this yet! I am hoping it is some of the more ambient stuff, although the Amazon reviews seem a touch mixed. LISTEN
Global Underground:Arrivals - a lovely sampler of dance tunes. My tunes for showering this morning! LISTEN
Moving Shadow:02.1 - a sampler of phat tunes (apparently) and another one I haven't listened to yet! LISTEN

Friday May 17 2002 at 12:58 GMT

On the food front, things are definitely looking up. Allan and I sat down for a proper meal again last night - my world famous chicken fajitas. They were very tasty indeed, and Allan and I sat stuffed at the table. Then we had a few games of Speedball 2100 and Coolboarders 4 which Allan picked up at a very nice price in Thailand or Bangkok. :->

Today I am on a half day at work. Nicol is up from Birmingham for a stag night on Saturday, and we are planning to get some food and a few beers. What a nice way to start the weekend! Enjoy...

Wednesday May 15 2002 at 11:23 GMT

Last night my brother Allan and I sat down and had a mighty fine meal of steak and red wine and a good chat. It was a very good way to end the day. We are now looking for some new recipes of things to try. I think the only ingredient permanently banned from my house is mushrooms - if you have ideas send them to us!

On my walk to work this morning, I passed two car parks that were already full - an indication that the annual invasion of tourists is in full swing. It's always nice to see Edinburgh properly busy, but it can also be a real pain. Trying to do something as mundane as getting lunch can turn into a 15minute wait in the sandwich shop. More importantly, getting to the bar can become a mission all in itself. If you see me struggling, please be nice. :-)

Sunday May 12 2002 at 19:30 GMT

Put your shower curtain on rollerblades - get RollerRings. Thanks to Anthony for mine!

Wednesday May 8 2002 at 11:25 GMT

OK, what is going on with artists??? This dude is going to cut his stomach up to 10cm and bleed for six hours. Cool. Or not.

Saturday May 4 2002 at 02:40 GMT

On a scale of one to crazy-mad-weird, this guy is scoring a full ten points!

Friday May 3 2002 at 18:41 GMT

I am pleased to report that recently I've done some new things for the first time(!). Unfortunately, I don't think this is the place to report them! However, I can share what happened last night, although you may not want me to. I met up with some guys from work (and some others that I used to work with) at the Oxford Bar, which is famous due to Ian Rankin's drinking there and mentioning it in his Rebus books (which are very good indeed and well worth a read). If you are coming ot Edinburgh, then it is somewhere to go for good beer, not to 'be seen'! After supping (that is what you do in pubs of this ilk) a few jars, one of the group had the great idea to buy everyone a pickled egg. This is because ONLY after several beers can a task like this be considered. A pickled egg is an egg that has been boiled, taken out of it's casing and then popped into vinegar for safe keeping. They are about as hideous a food ('food') as can be conceived. I have to admit that I tried one, despite myself, and ... I have the shudders thinking about it now.

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