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Thursday October 31 2002 at 16:56 GMT

Tonight there should be none of this going on!

Thursday October 31 2002 at 14:48 GMT

Jams Master Jay, better know as the DJ from Run DMC has been shot dead in New York. :-(

Thursday October 31 2002 at 14:04 GMT

Courtesy of Jams:

Q: How do you find sheep on the Web?
A: Ewe-R-L!

Thursday October 31 2002 at 02:49 GMT

At lunchtime I went to buy some more eau de toilette of my favourite kind. It is a little tricky to find, but, once I'd walked the length of Princes Street, Jenners had it. I walked out the store with:
  • a weekend bag

  • a wash bag

  • Escada shower gel

  • oh - and some eau de toilette

It really amused me how much stuff they gave me, for purchasing such a small thing. Obviously I am easily amused. Or I was, until I found out that to service my watch is going to cost one hundred pounds, plus battery. I am always sceptical when I get such a 'neat' figure for some work that I will never see, but I guess I just need to trust the watch company...

Thursday October 31 2002 at 01:53 GMT

Last weekend really deserves a good write-up, if nothing more than for my own personal memories.


Yes, perhaps a little early to start a normal weekend, but this is where it all kicked off. I worked late, then met Jams, John, Rich, Pete and Christie for some last minute planning and a few beers. Somehow, it turned into a 3-in-the-morning-working-next-day event.


Friday morning rolled around way too quickly for my liking, but somehow I struggled out of bed, packed my bag and got to work. 1pm soon rolled round, and I packed my flaptop up and headed to meet everyone up. Christie and Jams' mom headed off in one car, with Rich and I travelling with Jams. We got some essentials en route - video tape, a DV camera - and all got to the house. The house was pretty mighty indeed - about five miles from Blairgowrie. We had been told it was 'isolated', however as we arrived there, it became apparent that a gamekeeper who organised shoots stayed here too. As it turned out, they were pretty relaxed. Jams' mom stayed for dinner on Friday, and we then sat in the big living room and chatted, over a few beers, until about midnight. Chatted may be somewhat of a generous view - Jams came up with 'free-form rambling' as a more apt tag.

Friday pictures are here.


We all woke pretty early on Saturday (like 10am) and grabbed some breakfast then headed off for a good walk. The weather really was great - blue skies with a reasonably light wind.. Everyone else pitched up at lunchtime, just as Rich and Christie were getting the food fired up (mighty open-toasted sandwiches). We unloaded the van (AKA Battle Bus, apparently). Jams, Rich, Pete and Al then got busy with setting up the fireworks for the evening display. I'm not entirely sure how long this took, but I think it was something in the order of four or five hours, using over 500metres of cable for the electronic firing system. The fireworks had come from a variety of sources, including from the guy who handles the Tattoo fireworks and Murrayfield. :-D My job was to get the wireless network running and get the Internet connection set up, get the tunes going (MP3 - my friend!) and then select some music to play with the fireworks. As a side note, you truly would not have believed the amount of kit we had with us - practically anything could have happened, and we had the kit to work/fight it. I realised my cable taking music to the hifi had a broken connection, so Rich got a soldering iron and repaired it for me. Word to that style!

Saturday evening was to be the main evening of the weekend. Dinner was warming in the oven, so we took our Champagne outside, pointed the speakers out the window (I selected The Great Gate of Kiev from Musorgsky's Pictures At An Exhibition (one of my favourite pieces of music in the world)) and watched for over 20 minutes as mad fireworks shot into the air. Truly excellent!

We then retired to the dining room and ate superbly (chicken-o-rama) then on to the sitting room where we just took it easy and enjoyed a few beers. Somewhere about 7am, we called it a day...

Saturday pictures are here.


Most people awoke feeling slightly woolly, but not too bad on Sunday morning. Rich was already busy in the kitchen when I awoke and Russian Shandies (Stella and Smirnoff, served in a Stella glass) were soon the order of the day. A few of us took a march down the road and over some hills after lunch, whilst the debris from the previous night was cleared from the garden.

Dinner was, once again, mighty - Rich prepared a HUGE Bolgnese sauce and I did my best at eating it all. We also took a decision to stay for Monday night, which was almost our downfall... Sunday night also saw us attempt to get some of the fireworks that didn't fire to go - I love this picture of Jams test firing some aerosol.

Sunday pictures are here.


On Monday Pete set up a death slide across the garden - good fun indeed. The helmetCam was then constructed and Rich got an amusing run with that thing on his head! On Monday night, we went for a walk in the dark - great fun indeed when there are absolutely no light sources around (apart from the moon...).

We all put our feet up by the fire and played some cards and drank some beer - quite a lot in fact - we managed to finish off all 240 bottles! Can sponsorship from Stella really be that far away? Somehow 6.30am came round WAY too early and I dived into bed for a few minutes of sleep before we headed back to Edinburgh and real life again...

Monday pictures are here.

The whole weekend really was excellent fun and I really want to do it again, although the amount of effort and planning that went in really was huge. Thanks are due to:

  • Christie - for organising the house and overall planning

  • Rich - for keeping the kitchen in order and rocking down with the food

  • Jams, Pete, Rich and Al - for quality firework detail

  • Jams - for having a birthday

Wednesday October 30 2002 at 01:44 GMT

The Sunday photos are now online here. Now I just need to tidy them all up.

Tuesday October 29 2002 at 17:48 GMT

And some more, from Monday. It seems like such a long time ago...

Tuesday October 29 2002 at 16:53 GMT

I've popped a load of photos from the Saturday Extravaganza in the gallery. Deek, a very good friend of James, and Berte, his girlfriend, unfortunately could not make it - so they are for them to see what happened. I'll rotate and edit them over the next few days. Enjoy.

Tuesday October 29 2002 at 14:56 GMT

I'm back in Edinburgh now - with a head full of cotton wool. We made a serious dent in the worldwide reserves of Stella, making it through 240 bottles in three days. Last night I managed a whole 50minutes of sleep...

One picture from Friday is now here. More to come ASAP.

Monday October 28 2002 at 14:41 GMT

We are still at our big house in the country. Here's a quality shot of Jams, enjoying the fireworkpower:

Friday October 25 2002 at 13:25 GMT

This weekend is Jams' birthday, so ten of us are off to this big house, just outside Blairgowrie. We've got more food, drink, fireworks and kit (in general) than you can shake a very VERY big stick at. For me, the weekend starts here ->

Thursday October 24 2002 at 15:19 GMT

Despite being in the office until 11pm last night, I still managed to squeeze in a few glasses of red wine. Today, I can confirm that red wine and mornings do not mix very well. Ouch.

Wednesday October 23 2002 at 22:18 GMT

Orange launched their smartphone today... It is only about a year late, yet it has still beaten SonyEricsson to the punch. Their P800 is delayed until '2003'.

Wednesday October 23 2002 at 21:55 GMT

Black People Love Us. Almost too true...

Tuesday October 22 2002 at 18:00 GMT

This morning I made a fair number of backend changes to the site - most of it is now XHTML 1.0 Strict compliant and is using CSS. My testing on several versions of IE and Netscape on PCs has shown it to be looking OK, however Mozilla appears to be throwing some issues up. Given that I was validating using the W3C validator, I am somewhat confused as to which browser is 'right'. If you find that the look of the site is weird, please let me know, with as much detail (browser, OS) as you can, to aid my research.

Tuesday October 22 2002 at 13:53 GMT

This just in from Neil Stark. The first link in a VERY long time.

Tuesday October 22 2002 at 02:48 GMT

Tonight I tidied up a lot of the HTML on my site and moved away from an include file, which is giving me incorrect stats to using a database for the header. I am pretty pleased with my work and can now place a validated XHTML 1.0 image on my site! I really need to work out how to re-architect my site now for proper XHTML & CSS use. Fun fun fun!

Valid XHTML 1.0!

Monday October 21 2002 at 16:30 GMT

I currently use X10 to control the lights in part of my flat. This dude has taken it to extremes and has installed an XCam2 on his remote controlled car. Nice one!

Speaking of toys, I haven't bought any this month, in an attempt to get out of the terrible cycle or ... running out of money before payday. However, seeing as it is nearly payday and I have a few pennies left over, I'm thinking I should pick something up. So, if you've seen something I really must have, let me know. Of course, this is all presuming I don't actually have to pay GBP 350 to have my watch serviced. :-((

Friday October 18 2002 at 02:45 GMT

Something has gone wrong with the post below and now I can't edit it or do anything to it. Let's try again...

k_sangden: maybe the nature of our existence is suffering unless we do something about it
k_sangden: when we donīt have enough distractions, we see that... and try to cover it up with another distraction
k_sangden: thatīs why we need root solutions, not more distraction from our problems
k_sangden: itīs like constantly taking painkillers for a rotten tooth
k_sangden: better just to take the tooth out

Friday October 18 2002 at 02:41 GMT

k_sangden: maybe the nature of our existence is suffering unless we do something about it
k_sangden: when we donīt have enough distractions, we see that... and try to cover it up with another distraction
k_sangden: thatīs why we need root solutions, not more distraction from our problems
k_sangden: itīs like constantly taking painkillers for a rotten tooth
k_sangden: better just to take the tooth out

Friday October 18 2002 at 02:34 GMT

It seems that the RIAA has at least achieved part of what it wanted to do - it looks like it has killed of a bunch of smaller Webcasters purely through dividing and conquering the community. I was sad to see people dissing Rusty from SomaFM - he really has put a lot of effort into getting a good solution, but it now appears he was acting for number one and not for the common good (article here). It is all such a pain - these fees relate to US located people; internationally, we aint got no dues to pay!

Thursday October 17 2002 at 14:16 GMT

Apparently 38% of US Citizens think that Canada should be come part of the United States. No no no! This is all wrong!

Wednesday October 16 2002 at 14:34 GMT

I super love this idea of taking a picture of each member of your family on a certain date each year, to watch the progression/regression.

Wednesday October 16 2002 at 13:58 GMT

Hot or Not has been around for some time. Indeed, thanks to Simon my picture actually ended up on there - with a good score! Can't quite remember how I found the blog version, but it is quite entertaining, although WAY too easy to spin off to other random sites ... which is how I found out that Men Are Pigs.

Wednesday October 16 2002 at 12:05 GMT

Just in case you are wondering what to get me for Christmas, a Mr T celebriduck could do the trick.

Tuesday October 15 2002 at 23:59 GMT

It was hardly a match to die for, but Scotland won their second game in a row, although this one was only a friendly. If I had known it was here in Edinburgh, I would have made an effort to go and see it. Steven Thompson, whose brother was in my class at high school, scored the second Scottish goal!

Tuesday October 15 2002 at 12:55 GMT

Tom sent me this article on a scary new use of mobile phone masts for surveilance techniques. In all honesty, it seems we are now on the slippery slope, whether people like it or not. Personally, I don't trust the authorities to use it safely.

Tuesday October 15 2002 at 11:42 GMT

10 years ago, IBM introduced the ThinkPad. Happy Birthday to you!

Tuesday October 15 2002 at 10:57 GMT

I read Wired religiously - both in hard format (I used to love seeing all those American adverts - really) and in a daily soft format. After two years, they've changed the design, using XHTML and CSS. Ages ago I did this to parts of my site, but I really must now complete it. I need to finish the migration of the galleries from static HTML to PHP/MySQL driven dynamicism, then I will have just a few pages to change in all. My aim is to then make my site available to different devices, too. I love Web technology!

Tuesday October 15 2002 at 10:35 GMT

Wallace & Gromit animations always make me smile. They remind me of being at home for Christmas and the good things that entails - lots of delicious food, seeing my friends and family, relaxing and having a laugh. Nick Park has just created a series of 10 short films, and you can watch the first one on the BBC site - well worth it for two minutes of fun.

Monday October 14 2002 at 21:58 GMT

Today I randomly came across two sites detailing Americans visiting the UK. One of a girl going to university/college in London (here) and one of a family staying in, primarily, Edinburgh (here). The second one makes interesting reading, seeing how an American views Edinburgh. If you've got some time, take a look.

Monday October 14 2002 at 14:27 GMT

At lunchtime, upon finding our regular spot closed, we somehow ended up at Bau.Waus (can't find their Web site - poor show), a new place serving hotdogs. It was alright - I won't be rushing back. 4.50 bought me a hotdog with two toppings (mustard and onions), fries and a drink. The experience was OK - I think it may appeal more after 15-20 pints, though. You can read what the Sunday Times thought of it.

Monday October 14 2002 at 13:59 GMT

The weekend was good, although Friday night was kind of weird. I met some people from work, celebrating a dual baby shower, then was persuaded to go to Edwards for a drink before going home. I honestly think it was the sleaziest place in the world! Guys standing right beside us were oggling everything that walked past. I really needed a shower after I left - I just can't see the pleasure in going to somewhere like that. Never ever again!

On Saturday night, Sandy had her 30th 21st birthday. I accidently got there kind of late - I was doing stuff... There were loads of people there, and we practically had our very own waitress. At some point, the Champagne started flowing - and it continued until the end of the night. Now THAT'S how to celebrate a birthday. The bar staff all came over and sang for Sandy too, which was good work.

Last night, I took Sandy out for dinner to Cafe Grande in Bruntsfield (can't find a useful page to link to). The food was very tasty indeed - recommended! After that, we caught Red Dragon. I thought it was pretty scary, but apparently compared to the book it is nowhere near scary enough. Some people, you just can't please. ;-)

Friday October 11 2002 at 20:09 GMT

You need sound, but it's worth it: link.

Friday October 11 2002 at 11:45 GMT

The weather here is often a talking point - normally becuase it affects our moods and what we can do (although I am sure it is much more affecting north of here). It is now getting to the part of the years I hate, when it is damp all the time, cold and wet - my shoes are soaked by the time I get to the office... What I need is somewhere to go when the weather is like this, and then come back to 'summer' in Scotland. Any offers?

Getting an accurate forecast of what the weather is going to do is almost impossible, but the Met Office seem to do the best job.

Friday October 11 2002 at 00:09 GMT

A few pictures from my BlogBirthday drinks in Oloroso are now up here. The panorama shot above has come out reasonably well given that a) it was the first time I'd tried anything like that; b) the camera was in a moving position; c) it was being operated by different people; d) we'd all had a few beers before we started taking the pictures.

Thursday October 10 2002 at 20:18 GMT

If you've got a T68(i), you probably want to have a quick look at this site.

Thursday October 10 2002 at 20:00 GMT

It is not often that Scotland gets mentioned in Wired, so I simply must post a link to this article about the cool newsreader on the Scottish Executive's Web site. It does indeed work quite well - have a look on this page for an example.

I'm pretty sure that the company that created it are also responsible for Ananova.

Thursday October 10 2002 at 19:41 GMT

From an article linked to a book covering how mobile technology is changing our lives, comes this quote:

Rheingold also makes the case that mobile technology has altered teenage etiquette. After a series of talks with cell-phone-toting Tokyo teenagers, Rheingold concludes that being on time is no longer a matter of concern for the mobile crowd. As long as one is reachable by short message service (SMS) or phone, being late is a non-issue.

No, I am not a teenager anymore (just ;-), but I am always reachable by SMS. So, in fact, I am just ahead in my etiquette ahead of others.

Thursday October 10 2002 at 19:00 GMT

This device was pointed out to me yesterday [but then I forgot to post it]. It allows voice conversations over an 802.11 (WiFi) network - I guess it is like Star Trek things (whatever they're called). I quite fancy getting some to try out, but I can easily shout from one end of my flat to the other. Guess it's time to move house!

Thursday October 10 2002 at 01:39 GMT

This is what my site looked like just over a year ago...

Thursday October 10 2002 at 01:12 GMT

I just found this blog by a homeless guy in Nashville. I've not read much, so have no comment to pass as yet, apart from saying that the opportunities the Internet *can* offer still impress me. Have a look - the guy seems to write well and interestingly.

Thursday October 10 2002 at 01:01 GMT

Anurag-dude at work gave me this book to read - I think it was actually bought in India for 80rupees, which is very cool. Basically, it is about a very smart guy from a small town in India going to America to spend a year at university there and seeing what 'typical' American life is like; it is his first time leaving India. It was a good read, probably made more amusing for me given that I have met quite a few Indians who have not left India before, in America, through work. It appears to be aunavailable via Amazon (out of print), so you'll either need to speak really nicely to Anurag (who will need to speak nicely to his friend's sister), visit a library or search second hand places.

Thursday October 10 2002 at 00:41 GMT

I had today off work, which, for some reason, has been really really nice ... apart from picking up ANOTHER cold. It actually started pretty early with dad, Allan and I heading round to see my sister and help her finish building a desk. Then I met John, to take Robbie, my Godson, for his first experience of swimming. Once John and I had got him into his swimming nappy and inflated his little catamaran (it turns out I am not full of hot air...) we got him into the water. To be perfectly honest, he was more interested in the other kids there, but seemed to enjoy the experience, overall. For me, it felt kind of weird, being in a 'training pool' with a bunch of new mothers & fathers with their offspring. After a beer with John, Robbie had worn me out, so I retreated to the safety of my flat. Kids these days! ;-)

Tonight I have been feeling very lethargic, so have not got round to the photos yet. Soon...

Allan gave me this link, which is quite amusing: link.

Wednesday October 9 2002 at 02:10 GMT

After a really good night, it is time for bed! Loads of people turned up to have a drink, which was really cool and much appreciated. We got some stitch-photos, which will be available tomorrow. Having both my dad and bro there was very cool, too. L8rs...

Wednesday October 9 2002 at 00:43 GMT

Rich says: many happy carriage returns!

Tuesday October 8 2002 at 23:27 GMT

Having a good night-a crowd in Oloroso...

Tuesday October 8 2002 at 18:58 GMT

The new 3G phone network from Hutchison has a VERY cool logo - have a look here (you need to wait for the animation to finish).

Tuesday October 8 2002 at 18:51 GMT


Well, today is my blogger's first birthday! This time last year I was chilling out in San Francisco, after a fairly hectic travelling schedule and a hard year at work. Unfortunately, the same can not be said for this year. Work has become frustrating for several reasons and the only time I have left Scotland was to go on a (mental) stag night in Barcelona. I have been to neither London nor San Francisco - both very regular haunts over the past few years. A repeat of this past year cannot take place, so this time next year I aim to be sitting considerably prettier than I am now!

Tonight I am planning a small get-together in Oloroso after 9pm to celebrate (any excuse for a drink). Please do come along and join me, if you read this in time. Check the gallery if you don't know what I look like. ;-)

Tuesday October 8 2002 at 18:46 GMT

FINALLY I am back online, at full strength! Since Saturday I have had no mail, which is actually a pretty big deal for me. Apparently a spammer had hit the server and had messed it up. Hopefully my site will be back to full availability. Earlier today, as I was considering how to move my site, it really did seem like a big effort - I've got over 100MB of files on this site (mostly photos) as well as several database tables filled with information and multiple mail setups.

I'm going to write a mail to the support people at my hosting company and ask why they were not responding to my mails. I am not convinced with the reason they gave me and want to be certain sure they understand how frustrating it all was.

Blogger was also broken today, so I have not been able to update. If I was not paying for it, I would not mind so much, but I am paying and when it breaks in the middle of the Californian night, nothing happens...

Monday October 7 2002 at 16:06 GMT

Anurag Shukla: Man is incomplete until he is married. Then he is finished.

Monday October 7 2002 at 14:38 GMT

I am having some pretty annoying site problems just now - people keep telling me. I've contacted my hosting provider serveral times now, requesting a detailed explanation of why I am having these problems in addition to a guarantee that they will not recur. They have really given me excellent service until the past few weeks, but it seems to be pretty bad right now. I've been unable to collect mail since Saturday evening, and the control panel for my site, which might have given me some idea as to what was up, is also broken.

Hopefully service will resume in full PDQ, but if you find my site down, please drop me a mail, so that I can at least pass these to my provider as evidence. You can mail to any address (at)

Monday October 7 2002 at 14:22 GMT

This post disappeared after I sent it last night. Since I forgot to celebrate the birthday of on June 26th, I thought I'd note some of the other small milestones in my world at this time of year... Firstly, I began my university career nine years ago, so I have now had an email address for nine years (as well as sending my first email over nine years ago). In addition, I wrote my first Web site in my first term at university. Time flies...

Tomorrow, the 8th of October, will mark one year since I posted my first ever blogger entry.

Friday October 4 2002 at 01:34 GMT

Over the last week or so I've been (finally) sorting out the cupboard in my bedroom, to change it from a space I jam all my junk and can never use, to a freshly painted, neatly organised storage space. I am very pleased with the result, but it has sucked time - which is why I have not been updating so much... Jams and Christie popped over tonight to 'shape' Jams' hair with my clippers. Was good to see them, and I even managed to NOT go to the pub!

Today (4th) is my mom's birthday, so we're having a get-together tonight, assuming my stinking cold clears up a bit. Time for a good sleep!

Wednesday October 2 2002 at 13:54 GMT

Tomorrow here in the UK, we have Digital Download Day, where you can legitimately download a selection of tunes from three of the five big labels. I will most definitely NOT be participating. I really really hate the fact that record labels STILL go on about being ripped off and that the artists will suffer when, in many cases, the record companies pay the artists peanuts, creaming off fat profits for themselves. For the smaller labels, where musical integrity is something still on the agenda, I do feel sorry if they are being hit, because without these more interesting and diverse acts, we are all poorer. What we require is a way to support music, but one that we are not being ripped off. Sharing MP3s in whatever way exposes more people to more music, and I believe this can only be a good thing. Personally, I have bought more CDs as a result of hearing a few downloaded MP3s - mostly directly from these smaller labels.

Oh yeah - and stop trying to kill Internet radio!

Wednesday October 2 2002 at 10:50 GMT

Now THIS is cool - an IP-based mobile phone. Thanks to Dave for the pointer.

Wednesday October 2 2002 at 02:09 GMT

I finally got these posted from Friday night. It was a sad occasion (several people leaving work) but it was a good crowd - we took over most of Au Bar. On the way home, I popped into Oloroso ... and met some new people (the last three pictures in the set).

Tuesday October 1 2002 at 13:31 GMT

I received this email today from JCPenney, confirming my wedding list information:


Congratulations on your upcoming Wedding!

We are excited that you have made JCPenney a part of your special day by registering online with us. You may want to create or expand your gift list by shopping our entire online store with merchandise selections sure to meet your every need.

Come back anytime and use your registry email and password to update your gift list, change your registry address information, or create a new registry for other occasions. Your registry information below can be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week when you visit your online registry.

The email contains all kinds of personal information - I think I can go in and select what I would like to appear on the gift list. Unfortunately, I don't know anyone called Tabbatha, and even if I did, who's to say I'd want to marry them? The joy of mail...

Tuesday October 1 2002 at 01:42 GMT

I just ran through this questionnaire. I would think many people could guess my answers. ;-) My epitaph may just read: "Type a:\setup. It'll be alright.". [Long story short: Rich and I 'found' a copy of a new operating system on a 'server' somewhere in Finland many years ago and downloaded all 2000 disks of it. Rich was a little hesitant in doing something potentially nasty to his brand new pooter and I was offering some sage advice. As I recall, we got to disk 1999 before things went wrong...]

Tuesday October 1 2002 at 01:25 GMT

More friends are getting married! Iain and Amanda have just got engaged. Apparently Iain did a really good job of proposing and Amanda said 'yes'. Awwwww...

Tuesday October 1 2002 at 01:24 GMT

On a slightly more up note, there is a Champagne party in the planning. Orange used to run a scheme called Equity, similar in many ways to Airmiles - the more you talked, the more points you gathered. The scheme has just ended with the result that everyone had to cash in there points. 3750 got one bottle of Champagne, so I have a pair en route to me. I am pleased to report that the points:bottles number is loooking like we should have a fun night!

Tuesday October 1 2002 at 01:18 GMT

My weekend was fun and filled. On Friday, several people from work were leaving, so we took over most of a pub. It was a great crowd, just a sad and annoying occasion.

Saturday beckoned brightly and noisily, unfortunately for my head - my Godson was having his first birthday party! He had a good number of friends over and got LOADS of cards, toys and cool clothes. Not too many one year olds have a DKNY tracksuit. Sunday started with a good lunch at Howies, then Robbie took John, Gordon and I to the pub to see the European Ryder Cup win (good work, Sam and the boys!). After that we caught the Grand Prix, with an amusing Ferrari gaffe allowing Barichello to win.

Last night was the last Sunday that Oloroso was opening, due to lack of custom - even though we go there most Sunday evenings. After some tasty cocktails, the night marginally slid into disarray - it ended late. Thankfully today is now at a close, and I can get some quality shut-eye. Perhaps I may even find my mojo - I am feeling that it is lost or buried at the moment. If you see it, please let me know - I need it back!

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