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Friday January 31 2003 at 10:59 GMT

Daypop are now ranking Amazon wishlists. Find out what everyone else is wishing for. Cool.

Friday January 31 2003 at 10:43 GMT

This is an interesting article on people using blogging to actually make(?) money. It's a worthwhile read, to bring you up to speed. Thanks to the article, I've found a blog about gadgets. I honestly hate 'gadgets', but I like the forwarding of technology, and 'gadgets' are often the first place to find these moves. The downside to this blog is that it's American-oriented, but I have just discovered that Doom has bee ported to the Sony Ericsson P800 (my next phone). The P800 is allegedly being released on Orange on the 10th of February. Excitement!

The article also calls blogging 'thin media'. With thinkThin, I am clearly well up the curve!

Thursday January 30 2003 at 01:15 GMT

Last night I went to a meditation class, following the only useful/sensible new year resolution that was suggested to me. It was a slightly different experience, but I did leave with a quite fantastic feeling and it was a superbly straightforward set of steps to get to that feeling. I'd recommend it to anyone. There was certainly no heavy religious overtones or cult-like activities - it really was nice and easy going. :-)

Thursday January 30 2003 at 01:01 GMT

One of the random CDs I bought the other day was by Manu Chao. I liked the cover (or something). Luckily for me, it's turned out to be a quality purchase - I've MP3'd it on lofi. You should also check out his/their site.

Thursday January 30 2003 at 00:58 GMT

Every so often Google does a dance - they update/change/modify the search algorithms, to make them better and to annoy people who work out how they work and dishonestly promote their site. Right now, Google is dancing. People take it very seriously indeed - read more here.

Wednesday January 29 2003 at 18:36 GMT

Take the quiz here. I am WindowsXP.

Wednesday January 29 2003 at 01:50 GMT

Read the site to find out more.

Wednesday January 29 2003 at 01:39 GMT

This is a good take on the Apple and Microsoft 'Switch' adverts (which we've not actually had here in the UK, but for Linux. Made me smile. There's also a cool Apple takeoff.
In related news, I'm now running Red Hat Linux 8.0 on my home server. I'm pretty impressed with the new features, and it is superbly easy to keep up to date. Maybe I should use it more for regular stuff instead of leaving it as a server... RH8.0 now comes with Bluetooth support, so I guess I should get it something BT. :->

Wednesday January 29 2003 at 01:08 GMT

This is a great idea. Payphones are being used less and less due to the huge increase in mobile phone usage, but they're often in useful public places and already have a link to the phone company networks ... so turn them into WiFi hotspots. As long as the costs are kept low, people will use them. I read somewhere today that VoIP (Voice over IP) devices were taking advantage of 802.11 networks. This could actually get interesting!

Wednesday January 29 2003 at 01:02 GMT

I just read about the WikiPedia. Wiki is a piece of Web server software that allows anyone to create and edit pages. It's an interesting project, with a good amount of content in place now. Have a look!

Wednesday January 29 2003 at 00:56 GMT

Tonight I did something I'm not proud of. I went to TGI Fridays for food. It was the only place still serving steak at 10.30. Jams and I both had the same American Grill, but my steak was to be rare and his medium-rare. When they came, the boy plopped them on to our table. We asked which was which, as they were different. The boy then *looked* at each one from a few feet away, and told us we both had our correct order. Skill like that should be recognised, surely!

Overall, the experience was expensive and very very unremarkable, but then that is about all we were expecting. Mediocrity at it's finest.

Tuesday January 28 2003 at 18:39 GMT

I saw a video on MTV that had this Web address in it. So ... I visited it, and it's get the whole video online. Very cool indeed. The link opens a full-screen window, with sound, so beware if you're at work.

Monday January 27 2003 at 18:10 GMT

The gallery section now lets you know which the new galleries are, defined as those with a photos-taken date of 14 days ago or less.

Sunday January 26 2003 at 19:08 GMT

Orange to launch WiFi hotspots in Frace - story.
British Pathe will let you download their newsreels, for free.
Linux on mobile phones - it just can't be far away.
We're going to legalize 802.11a (faster WiFi)!
WiFi is taking off in Europe.
Supafly (some crazy game).
Download Phish concerts from the Web, 48hrs after they happen ... and with the blessing of the band.

Saturday January 25 2003 at 05:25 GMT

I've been meaning to sort out the gallery for ages now. Seeing as I've got a yukky cold and wasn't going anywhere tonight, I decided to get cracking on it. I've partially migrated all but nine of the galleries but still need to update the narratives of all that I moved tonight. I'd be interested to know what you think, especially from different browsers (I'm running Win2k/IE6).

My hope is that it makes it really easy to see the latest pictures posted (they're at the top now, instead of buried at the bottom) and the thumbnails add some colour to the site. As 2003 progresses, I may get rid of the thumbnails on the front gallery page for 2002, depending on how many new galleries I post. Again, I'm testing this over ADSL, so if anyone using a dial-up connection has a look, I'd be pleased to get some feedback on download times.

Friday January 24 2003 at 01:24 GMT

I've just uploaded a STACK of pictures from:

I never really completed the story from Geneva. I had a good train journey from Frankfurt to Geneva (although I left a bag of things on the train, doh!) and then finally met Nisha and Tushar. Friday night kicked off my Indian eating experience extraordinaire, with proper chicken tikka. On Saturday, Nitesh and I walked around Geneva and had a good chat. I think we worked out it had been almost two years since we'd last seen each other... Nisha made 'a chicken curry' for dinner on Saturday, and I can honestly say it is the best, without a doubt, curry I have ever had in my life. Perfectly spicy, tangy and tasty. I can imagine eating it now! We rented Signs on DVD, and all three of us agreed that the film was a huge let-down. More like half of a story. The funny thing was that it contained several 'shots' of Bangalore, which is where Nitesh and Nisha both lived prior to their European move(s).

Sunday saw us head off to Montreux, at the opposite end of Lake Geneva, where we visited Chateau Chillon. The views of the (minor) Alps were incredible. On Sunday night, Nitesh demonstrated his cooking skills with some excellent dosas and idlis (south Indian cooking). Ahhhhhhhh...

I headed home on Monday after finally seeing Nitesh and Nisha's wedding photos. It was my first ever Easyjet flight, so I decided to get to the airport on time (for once). As we were all waiting for news of the (slightly delayed) flight, the information screens crashed... The view as the plane took off really was incredible. I've searched the Web for aa good picture, but found nothing yet. Looking at so many snow-capped mountains was almost unreal.

Thankfullly I arrived back in Edinburgh without drama. Back to hearing everyone speak English which seemed strange and almost disappointing!

Thursday January 23 2003 at 18:12 GMT

Today I bought a few CDs whilst my phone was being fixed (think how funny that statement will seem in 10 years!). I randomly selected a few discs, one of which was Lost Horizons by Lemon Jelly. On there is a song called Nice Weather for Ducks, which I heard on New Year's Day on Radio1, but could never find a track listing on the site to tell me what track it was. My day has nicely been made! I'll be ripping the disc soon and putting it online, so you too can hear what a great track it is.

Thursday January 23 2003 at 18:08 GMT

This is just a small device update...

I was sent a link to this cool-looking device. There is a nice review of it on Infosync. Possibly foolishly, I have signed up to purchase one of the first available models. I didn't have to give a credit card number, so I should be safe in case it is WAY expensive. It looks a nice device, although it is running Windows plus some proprietary code, which I am not too in favour of.

The P800 seems to be slowly making it's way to market. *Allegedly*, Orange are going to launch first! Now this would really be something as they normally make a lot of modifications to the phone and consequently end up releasing new hardware after all the other networks. Secret sources (I really don't know them) say that Orange have already made their modifications and that the startup/shutdown sequences and manual are done too. I know someone who could ask their sister and see if this is true or not... (You know who you are! ;-) Next week Ericsson announce the winners of their coding competition for the P800, which means there are going to be stacks of apps already available by the time gets here. My hands are itching!

Thursday January 23 2003 at 17:37 GMT

Check out ths link to Who'sWe, courtesy of Mahyad.

Monday January 20 2003 at 00:06 GMT

I'm still in Geneva with Nitesh. Over the three nights I have had the best homemade Indian food ever - last night's curry had my tastebuds doing handstands. Tonight Nitesh cooked up a storm with dosa and ides (I'll correct the spelling later ;-).

We took a trip to Montreux today. They hold a jazz festival there in July - I'm considering going. Anyone interested?

Friday January 17 2003 at 23:25 GMT

After a good train journey (apart from losing some presents :-( ) I am now in Geneva, staying with Nitesh, Nisha and Tushar. It was amusing to note how the use of languages changed as the train journey progressed, from German to Swiss German finally to predominantly Swiss French. I also discovered that I really need to polish up my geography!

It's been cool to finally meet Nisha after hearing about her for so many years, and great to see Nitesh again and catch up. Enjoy your weekend, whatever you're doing!

Thursday January 16 2003 at 17:18 GMT

This is *just* suitable for work - a quality Lord of the Rings rip-off (Windows Media format). Word to Karen for that.

Wednesday January 15 2003 at 18:02 GMT

Dear dear - another dearth of posts... I've been kind of busy at work this week. Monday we had a few issues at work that took a long time to get sorted, then I had to go and listen to Jams gorgeous Bose Acoustimass 3 installation. He's done a VERY neat job of it and it sounds incredible too. It truly sounds like all the sound is coming from the tiny cubes. I'm considering copying him...

On Tuesday I had a very early flight to catch to Frankfurt (for work). As I've mentioned recently, it has been a LONG time since I last travelled anywhere and the last time I was on a plane was last April. As I was packing, I really felt like I was going on a big adventure and was almost nervous. Once I got on to plane, I really felt like a kid again, excited at the way I got squashed into my seat as we took off. The experience really took me back to the first time I can recall being on a plane, and I had a good laugh as the plane took off. Frankfurt was pretty cold when I arrived, with a light dusting of snow on the ground.

It's been a busy few days here so far, but great to see all the people here. Last night we had dinner in the 21st Century ("21. Jahrhundert") and I think I had emu. It was tasty.

I'm here until Friday, then I'm taking a six hour train ride to Geneva to see the mighty Nitesh. Can't wait!

Tuesday January 14 2003 at 18:35 GMT

The follow on from is here.

Sunday January 12 2003 at 23:38 GMT

I somehow(!) broke the volume control on my T68, so took it to be repaired. Apparently the case was cracked and also needed repaired, so I left it with the Carphone Warehouse. An hour later I collected the phone. The casing had been nicely repaired but a) the volume slider was not attached and b) the microphone no longer works, so I cannot make or receive calls. Nice one, CPW!

Sunday January 12 2003 at 23:35 GMT

I've been thinking that I need to enhance the controlability of sound around my flat. I've got a stack of MP3s and listen to mostly Internet radio or else BBC radio online. I've found this VERY cool device. All I would need is an ethernet connection for each device, then an amp and speakers.

The only downside is the cost. Here in the UK, they retail for GBP 240. In the US, they cost USD 250. This equates to a difference of almost GBP 100! Think I'll need to find someone in the States to buy one for me and ship it across. Any offers?

Wednesday January 8 2003 at 18:00 GMT

They've also put some cool remixes on the site.

Wednesday January 8 2003 at 17:57 GMT

I'm a bit slow on the uptake... but R.E.M. are planning to tour. Unfortunately, it looks like a lot of festivals only. The full details are here.

Wednesday January 8 2003 at 11:24 GMT

Ali sent me this link to a Burton snowboarding jacket with built in amp to plug an iPod into. Looks very cool to me - now all I need is USD 499 for the jacket and the same again for a hardcore iPod. Then a ncie snowboard, the latest boots... and money to go on holiday to use it all!

Wednesday January 8 2003 at 11:05 GMT

I found this story on Ananova, about a girl in California who wants the world to pay for her breast augmentation. I have absolutely no doubt she'll get the USD 4500 she's after. The world is a funny place, only made funnier thanks to the Internet. Her site is here.

Monday January 6 2003 at 15:19 GMT

I didn't make any resolutions this year, apart from to get on and do stuff. If anyone has any ideas, let me know and I'll consider tackling them. Just in case anyone considers putting 'be on time', it will automatically be rejected by my Web site mail processor, so don't bother. ;-)

Monday January 6 2003 at 00:13 GMT

I just found this link for a multi-country pub crawl (via this site). Anyone up for an International Pub Crawl, going through Dubai, so that I can get a P800?

Monday January 6 2003 at 00:08 GMT

Last night I saw Serendipity. I had my doubts beforehand, but it turned out to be really quite a nice story - guy has chance meeting with woman in Bloomingdales but are both seeing other people. Instead of swapping details, the guy writes his number on a $5 bill and the woman inside a book. A few years later, as they are both about to get married to other people, they try to find each other... Rent it if you can.

Monday January 6 2003 at 00:02 GMT

It seems that the SonyEricsson P800 has finally made it to some places, including Sweden and Dubai. It can finally be bought on Expansys, for GBP 890! It can be purchased in Dubai for closer to GBP 340. Time for a trip...

Sunday January 5 2003 at 23:59 GMT

I just found this blog - nice idea.

Sunday January 5 2003 at 23:56 GMT

So far my new year has been pretty good. On Hogmanay I ended up going to Princes Street with Rich, then meeting Christie, Alex and Michelle. It had completely escaped my notice that Transglobal Underground were playing right after the bells/fireworks. Luckily that happened to be the stage Jams was working on, so my New Year started excellently! Some pictures are here.

New Year's Day and the second were both spent pretty quietly, having a few drinks and playing Trivial Pursuit. The night of the third was our traditional New Year party, seeing as most of the people who'd normally be out on the first were working. It was a great night and morning - Rich and I left around 7.30 and went to get some breakfast on Leith Walk, then we decided to go to the farmer's market, so stopped off at Burger King for a second breakfast ... and then at a place on Bread Street for some tea. We got some quality stuff from the market and staggered home. A few pictures are here.

Friday January 3 2003 at 19:44 GMT

Tomorrow's World scrapped: link - sadness from me
Phones with Cameras: link
125M Text Messages Sent at New Year: link

Thursday January 2 2003 at 17:30 GMT

Happy 2003!

Happy New Year to you all - I hope you have a happy and prosperous new year.

Wednesday January 1 2003 at 02:45 GMT

We all say Happy New Year...

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