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Monday August 1 2005 at 18:03 GMT

Somewhere along the line I missed the advertised fact that Ewan had moved to a new blog home. As such, I also missed the launch of Orgasmatones (the clue's in the name).

Ever a man with a ready couple of hundred ideas, his latest plan for world domination is a podcast from the Edinburgh Fringe (note: the Edinburgh Fringe is an arts festival, not a haircut). It's an excellent idea, so download here.

If you happen to be in Edinburgh and in need of free (as in no cost, just buy a drink/sandwich) wifi to hook up and download the latest podcast, then may I recommend the Jolly Judge a wonderful pub on the Royal Mile, in the heart of Edinburgh (map here) or else All Good, a sandwich shop on Morrison Street (map here).


Thanks for mentioning us on your blog, and thanks for the tip on the free wifi spots in the city.
Tane Piper | Friday August 5 at 10:00 GMT | Web| Comment permalink

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