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Monday April 24 2006 at 16:16 GMT

The last week has been a blur! I had a LOT of work to do, and final marathon training to complete, as well as getting to London. Luckily everything fell into place on Friday, at about 2pm ... hours before I jumped on a train. One day I'll get organised.

So, the things I didn't do were:

  • encourage everyone to sponsor me for running the London Marathon

    -- online sponsor form is here
  • tell everyone that it is my birthday on Tuesday (I'll be 20, errr, 30), so I'm planning to have a bit of a get-together at Inn The Park from 5.30pm on Tuesday 25th April (tomorrow)
  • make everyone jealous by letting you know I'm off for a mystery week's holiday

Yesterday's London Marathon was great, although I missed my target of 3h 30m with a time of 3h 44m. Whilst I'm happy with the time, knocking 14+ minutes off would have made me a lot happier and I was a 42 minutes faster than last year. Plans for the next race are already underway; a sub-3hour marathon will be mine! I must say special thanks to my parents, Hazel, Allan and Nat for coming along and cheering my on.


wow, i thought i would hit the big 3-0 before you. well, happy birthday!! let me know how it feels so i know what to expect ;)
Lindsay | Tuesday April 25 at 08:05 GMT | Web| Comment permalink

Happy Birthday!!!! 30? When did you start catching up with me ;0)
Have a wonderful day xoxoxox
Fee | Tuesday April 25 at 10:03 GMT| Comment permalink

Dude, Happy Birthday! Have a great day, and a great mystery holiday!

Well done on the marathon as well.

PS It seems like the spammers have broken your captcha :-(
dwlt | Tuesday April 25 at 10:23 GMT | Web| Comment permalink

Well done on the Marathon, a most impressive feat. And a very Happy Birthday. 30? It's the new 18 dontchaknow.
Paul | Tuesday April 25 at 14:35 GMT | Web| Comment permalink

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