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Wednesday May 31 2006 at 08:25 GMT

Two items of tech, now. First, where the hell is the P990 (my next phone)? Well, AllAboutSymbian are now quoting August. Yes, I'm crying. It was meant to be November last year!

Number two, for Simon, ADSLMax, which is meant to give up to 8Mb download speeds, is still something of a damp squib. I've been synched at that speed since day one, and the best I've ever had is 6Mb download. It's a waiting game -- waiting for BT to realise that if a service is offered at 'up to 8Mb', people who are a few hundred metres from the exchange are actually expecting to *get* 8Mb.

Sunday May 28 2006 at 23:50 GMT

Big thanks to Rich who managed to assist in sorting out a pass to WWW 2006, held just down the road from my office.

I managed to catch a few of the mobile sessions, which were of particular interest, although it was disappointing to see where the W3C Mobile Web Initiative had got to (PDF document). These were things I could have written down five years ago. Dan Applequist is not a stupid guy, so I'm really wondering why it has taken so long to get such a short distance along the road...

There were a few propellerhead sessions (Semantic XML Meta-data Trust Annotations for the Mobile Web @-), which did leave my head spinning as I hoped they would.

Hopefully Rich doesn't kill me for saying this, but the Edinburgh information page for the conference seems to have been blatantly ripped off from somewhere else around the Web and isn't completely relevant to this time of year. The wiki was woefully underused, and I can't believe there was no-one there blogging or podcasting. If Web professionals don't use tools like these, what hope is there that others will???

Sunday May 28 2006 at 22:32 GMT

Sunday May 28 2006 at 22:26 GMT

My Grandma passed away, after a stroke. She was 96. Here's hoping I see anything like that age! Thanks to all those who have expressed their condolences -- much appreciated.

Sunday May 28 2006 at 22:15 GMT

Hello again, I just felt like taking some time away from my blog. Back again now.

Wednesday May 10 2006 at 22:48 GMT

Turning where I run with my Garmin 201 watch into maps has taken a few turns since I bought it in 2004. First there was GPSVisualizer, then I moved to using a Google Maps implementation. The downside to both of the approaches above is that they've required a bit of manual work to create the XML files out of the single file the Garmin Logbook application pumps out.

Earlier this week, Jeff Kalikstein showed me the next generation, which takes that single input file and creates this. Very smart indeed!

Jeff is looking for some beta testers, so if you have a Garmin 201/205/301/305 then get directly in touch with Jeff.

How long until I'm able to post directly from my watch to my site, do you think? I simply put this here so that I can reference back to it in just over a year (my guess). Ahh, the Internet is wonderful.

Tuesday May 2 2006 at 23:02 GMT

Hazel and I got back from a brilliant time in London and then a fantastic week in Croatia. There are many, many pictures and updates to come!

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