John Muir Ultramarathon – Saturday 23rd April

22 April, 2016 0

At the end of last year, I applied for the London Marathon, as is tradition for my birthday weekend … and as so often happens, I was denied, and a club place alluded me. Nevertheless, I was enjoying my running and kept up a decent training schedule. Fortunately, a nice trail run came up closer…

By Martin

Cobleland camping

28 May, 2013 0

Cobleland camping, a set on Flickr. Pete, Nathan, Amelie, Ruaridh and I went camping close to Aberfoyle, at the Cobleland campsite. This was Ruaridh’s second adventure in a tent, and first with other kids. Excitement ran high for a few days beforehand, and hit fever pitch when Pete arrived at the house! The site itself…

By Martin