London Marathon 2010

24 April, 2010 0 By Martin

My addiction continues!  I’m back in London for the Marathon, which is tomorrow, Sunday 25th April.  Again, I’ve been lucky to get a place that does not require sponsorship, through my excellent running club, Edinburgh Athletic Club.

This year, there are two charities I’m supporting:

I know that the proliferation of online giving means a lot of us get more requests for sponsorship each year, so I’m not doing a hard sell here, but they are both great causes and will make good use of your money.

On a lighter note, if you’d prefer to buy me a beer following the race, then send Hazel or me a text, and I’ll let you know where I am.  Co-ordinating is always fun!

This year, I’m simplifying, and may well run without GPS watch or even my phone.  You can track me by texting ‘run’ to 83040 [in the UK], and then you’ll get a link to the service.  My runner number is 26793.