My Weekend, And Where Time Goes

19 February, 2014 0 By Martin

I’m posting this so that I can look back and see how things change over time.  There may be more of this type of post in the months to come…


  • 6.30am – up to go to Ruaridh’s swimming lesson (at 7.30am)
  • Bakery, then home by 8.30am
  • Breakfast, then back to toy shop to get a present
  • Leave house at 9.45am to get to party for Ruaridh’s friend at 10am
  • Midday, leave party and head home
  • Walk back down to bakery (we eat a lot, and I didn’t mange to make bread in time)
  • Lunch
  • 2.30pm – family visit to see my brother and his wife
  • 6pm – tea
  • 8pm – kids asleep in bed, I collapse on the sofa, Hazel wakes me at 10.15pm, and I finally go to bed after feeding Milie at about 1am…


  • 6.30am – up with Millie, soon followed by Ruaridh.  Breakfast, tidy kitchen.
  • 9am – go running with Edinburgh AC, 20 miles.
  • midday – home for a big, post-run, lunch
  • 2.30pm – drop Hazel off, to meet a friend.  Take kids to North Berwick, and spend hours running around the beach, and eating ice cream.
  • 6pm – home, fish and chips for tea
  • 8pm – kids in bed, I sneak 45 mins of shut-eye
  • Realise that both Saturday and Sunday papers remain unopened.  Leave them as they were.