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Wednesday February 1 2006 at 19:14 GMT

The HMS Daring launch was incredible today. The River Clyde is not that wide, so when 500 feet of ship comes sliding out it is quite a sight to behold. My dad and I both got some great pictures which I'll post shortly, but my dad totally won the day with an incredible video of the launch. It's an 80MB AVI file, but if you've got the bandwidth, feel free to download and enjoy.


My mate used to work at Yarrows and I got to go to a couple of ship launches - quite a sight ain't it... especially as the ship barrels across the river stopping JUST short of the far bank.

You coming along on the 18th to the Jolly Judge again?
Gordon | Wednesday February 1 at 22:52 GMT | Web| Comment permalink

For a few moments there I was very impressed with your camera work, and thought about you joining STV.
But then - true to form - you spoiled the whole launch by filming the back of some guys' head.
Don't give up the day job!
Sarah Heaney | Friday February 3 at 11:23 GMT| Comment permalink

Sarah -- if we had access to the best view like you guys (ScottishTV) did, we wouldn't have had the back-of-head issue. Please can you arrange for that next time, and I'll ensure my dad turns in a better performance? ;-)
Martin Little | Friday February 3 at 12:07 GMT | Web| Comment permalink

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