Sony Ericsson P990 as GPRS Modem

9 April, 2008 0 By Martin

My Sony Ericsson P990 is still going strong, and despite hankerings for a P1, I just can’t justify the cost when there’s no GPS inside.  I’m going to sit tight for Paris.

Last night I needed to use my P990 as a Bluetooth modem for my laptop, something I’ve done many times before.  Unfortunately, something had changed somewhere and whilst the connection was made, no data was received: problems!  After some googling and not finding anything referring to Orange UK, I stumbled on a Vodafone item that suggested trying *99***5# instead of the normal *99# calling string (‘5’ is called the CID).  After replacing the number with 1, 2, 3 & 4, 5 finally worked for me and the GPRS modem ran perfectly.  Today I’m so much happier with the phone than I was yesterday.  Small things, eh.