Risky Business

6 November, 2008 0 By Martin

Neil Morrissey, the guy from Men Behaving Badly, is back on our screens with his friend Richard Fox, in a programme following their attempts to open a pub and start a microbrewery: Neil Morrissey’s Risky Business.  This programme really should appeal to me — I like microbrewed beer, I like a real-world business challenge.

What has been a real eye-opener, and a huge turn-off to the whole series, is the attitude of the guys, particularly Neil.  Despite never having brewed before, they’re expecting their first attempt to be magic and to be an instant hit accross the country, based on their names more than the flavour.  Neil also comes across as incredibly arrogant, whether dealing with planning departments or potential customers.

There’s more information on them here (they’re master brewers already, it seems).  I’ll be sure never to buy their beer if I see it.

On the good side of television, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s Autumn is interesting as ever.  Last week they foraged for an entire meal, with some weird and wonderful ingredients literally thrown into the pot.