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London Marathon 2010

24 April, 2010 0

My addiction continues!  I’m back in London for the Marathon, which is tomorrow, Sunday 25th April.  Again, I’ve been lucky to get a place that does not require sponsorship, through my excellent running club, Edinburgh Athletic Club. This year, there are two charities I’m supporting: Fishermen’s Mission support deep sea fishermen – the guys who…

By Martin

Spotify on Squeezebox

18 April, 2010 0

It’s taken me far too long, but I’ve finally got Spotify running on my Squeezebox on my Ubuntu box.  All the information needed is here in this thread, and you’ll need dsbridge and the Lame encoder. Finally, to get playlists opening from Firefox, follow the instructions here, but instead of editing about:config, go to edit…

By Martin

London Marathon Tracking

23 April, 2009 2

Over the years I’ve tried various tracking methods for the London Marathon, none of which have worked well.  This year, I’m going with some more resilient and proven technology.  I’ll probably sign up with the Adidas offering too, just to see if it works. First, as I already have Google Latitude on my phone, I’ll…

By Martin